1. What is it?

What is it?

“Sending invoices with just one click”

Nuestrafactura.com is a service that connects invoice issuers with their recipients through Internet. It is no longer necessary to send manually invoices by email neither in paper by traditional mail service.

How it works? It is only necessary a billing software that can generate invoices as a PDF file. With a billing software ready to use Nuestra/Factura, as for example SisFactu or SisAgua, or with an utility for other programme softwares that we provide you, invoices are uploaded to www.nuestrafactura.com. The system automatically sends an email to the recipient of the invoices. This can download the invoice or register at the website easily to be able to access to the storage of his invoices in the cloud anytime.

Which advantages it provides?

To the issuer

●  It saves costs, since we can avoid to print, to put in an envelope, to pay the postage and to send by post the invoices.

●  It can be used as a storage of all our invoices issued, whether the recipient has access to the Internet or not.

●   You don’t need to send some invoices by email and others not.

●   You don’t need to forward invoices to the recipients that have lost them.

●   The recipient has the bill at the moment, so it will expedite collection.

●   If you give access to your external accountant you will avoid to have to send him your invoices issued for accounting.

To the recipient

●  You receive the invoice immediately, choosing if you want to download it or check it directly in the website.

●   You will never have to demand an invoice.

●  You will have a storage in the cloud with all your invoices issued by the issuers associated to www.nuestrafactura.com.

Is it electronic invoicing? www.nuestrafactura.com adjusts it to the Real Decreto 1619/2012, de 30 de noviembre, por el que se aprueba el Reglamento por el que se regulan las obligaciones de facturación

You only will have to hire with us the digital signature of invoices with your own digital certificate.

Can I still sending invoices in paper? Yes, especially to the recipients that they wish it, although in any case the invoices of these recipients will be uploaded to the storage.

Can I upload historical invoicing? Yes, www.nuestrafactura.com can be used as an invoices storage.

So, it is necessary to keep a copy printed of my invoices issued? No, it is no longer necessary.